Basic steps of the underpinning process

If you need to increase the depth of your foundation underpinning is the method you will need to choose. There are various reasons why the homeowners or developers choose to underpin the house or a building. For example, if you need to add more floors but the existing foundation is not capable of bearing more load you will need to get it underpinned. This method may also be required when the property has subsided and needs to be raised to bring back to the original level. In simple terms, underpinning is required every time you have the need to strengthen the foundation.

It must be done under good supervision

The underpinning of the foundations must only be done by the experts, especially when you’re looking at getting home extensions in Melbourne. The entire operation must be overlooked by a structural engineer or someone who has the license and expertise in this work. All the safety measures must be in place before the start of the work. Before starting the underpinning project, the surrounding area must be surveyed carefully. The engineer must also inspect the existing foundation and determine how much underpinning will be required for the purpose it is being done.

Depending upon the size of structure, the underpinning task may take from few weeks to a few months for completion. Engineers must take proper measurement of the area to be underpinned and map it out. It is best to start from the corner and then take it inwards. Underpinning is only required for the foundation walls that bear the load. The defects on the foundation walls without load can be fixed using other simpler methods. Given the nature of the work, it is best to hire one of the expert and experienced Melbourne underpinners.


Excavation is the very first step

Any underpinning project begins with the excavation of soil under the foundation, this is extremely important before you do any professional home renovations. Make sure that the excavation work is done underneath the strip footing. Excavation work is done in increments and not all at once. If you will excavate everything from under the foundation without providing support the building may collapse. Usually, you need to dig out soil from the one meter length and half meter of width and depth. It means that you need to create the pits or cavity. Once the cavity has been created using excavation, concrete mass is poured into it.

The concrete is usually 1/3/6 mixture of cement, sand and aggregates. For the edges, it is important to use the formwork. Formwork is a temporary mold in which the liquid concrete is poured. You may also need to use the rod bar to make sure that the cavity below the current foundation is completely filled up.

Concrete must be allowed to set

Once the concrete has been poured it must be given at least 48 hours to set. Once it has dried, you can continue the same work with the other bay.

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